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    Clinic Fees

    New Physiotherapy Assessment & Treatment: $120 (40-50 mins)
    Follow Up Physiotherapy Treatment: $75 (30-40 mins)
    Vestibular Assessment: $120
    Vestibular Follow Up: $85
    Shockwave Therapy: add $10 to physiotherapy rate
    Dry Needling: add $10 to physiotherapy rate

    Laser Therapy:  $85 (30-40 mins)

    Laser Therapy  $100 (40-60 mins)



    *Please allow 12 hours before canceling/changing appointments. A 100% fee is charged for late cancellations.

    Extended Health Insurance

    We can bill most insurance directly. If you have extend health care (EHC) please let us know. Physiotherapy does not need a doctors referral but your insurance might. Please check with your insurance company as they all have different protocols.