Sports Injury Rehab

Derek Mernagh is a registered physiotherapist and comes from a long line of family soccer players. As a teenager he was heavily involved in soccer. Over the years he migrated to kickboxing, cycling, running, strength & conditioning. As a fitness fanatic he knows exactly what it is like to be injured during sport. Because of his first hand knowledge and experience he can get you back to physical fitness and return to sport as soon as is humanly possible relative to your injury.

Physiotherapy @ Woodbridge offers one to one personalized treatment and management. We develop programs specific to your individual needs. Our treatments are focused on hands on manual therapy and tailored exercise prescription.

We help athletes return to preinjury status and can assist in the recovery from:

Sprains, strains & Dislocations

Ligament Tears


Ankle Sprains

Groin Pulls

Hamstring strains

Shin Splints

Knee Injuries, Including Ligament Tears & Patellofemoral Syndrome

Tennis/Golfers Elbow (epicondylitis)

Rotator cuff tears/ Shoulder Injuries

Post-Surgical Procedures, eg.  ACL & Meniscus Repair

Sports Injury Treatments

Joint Mobilisation, Soft Tissue Release & Stretching

Dry needling/ IMS Techniques.

Education In Injury, Specific Home Exercise To Encourage Self Management

Instruction In gym Programmes & Stability Training.

Electrotherapy Treatment.

K Taping & Joint Support

Testing Of Joint Function Prior To Returning To Sport

Gait Analysis & Biomechanical Evaluation Of Sporting Techniques