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Low Level Laser Therapy: Vaughan Physiotherapy

Low Level Laser Therapy - Woodbridge, Vaughan

What is Low Level Laser Therapy?

LowLevel Laser Therapy (LLLT) is the use of lowintensity light emission applied through a laser diode, or an array of Super Luminous Diodes to treat common, musculoskeletal, skin, or degenerative conditions or acute injuries. The physiological process is started by administering the light source to the skin which allows wavelengths of energy penetrate the tissue, resulting in the restoration of normal cell function and promotion of the normal healing process.

Typically a person will need 5-20 treatments of laser therapy which can last 15-60mins. The final result of the treatment will lead to restoration of normal cell function. There have not been any recorded negative effects from low level laser therapy. This modality is considered curative, meaning effective treatment for long-lasting pain relief from your symptoms is possible (depending on your injury/condition). After treatment you may experience an increase in your pain levels as the physiological process occurs. If this happens, talk to your therapst for pain control strategies.

Advantages of LLLT

  • It is non-invasive
  • It is non-toxic
  • It is easy to apply to any body part
  • The treatment outcome is highly effective

This technology is highly effective and safe to use on pain, aches or injuries anywhere in the body. For example, arthritis, TMD, shoulder pain, hip pain, low back disc degeneration or bulge, sciatica, neuropathic pain, tendonitis (shoulder, elbow, hip, ankle), tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis or sports injuries. You can click here for more information on laser therapy.

Physiological Effects

Long Term Physiological Effects

• Creates cellular energy (ATP)
• DNA production
• Increase in neurotransmitters (increased cellular activity)
• Increased cellular replication
• Formation of new blood vessels
• Improved electrolyte balance
• Increased cellular communication
• Modulation of macrophages fibroblasts and other cells


Short Term Physiological Effects

  • Release of endorphins
  • Cortisol production

Conditions Treated with Laser Therapy


• Repetitive stress injury
• Carpal tunnel Syndrome
• Rotator cuff tear
• Fibromyalgia
• Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
• TMJ disorders


• Ligament and tendon tears
• Fractures
• Facet joint sprain
• Contusions
• Bulging and herniated discs

Inflammatory Conditions

• Tendonitis
• Bursitis
• Myositis
• Synovitis
• Plantar fasciitis
• Rheumatoid arthritis

Degenerative Conditions

• Osteoarthritis
• Chondromalacia patella
• Calcifications (bone Spurs)
• Discogenic & vertebrogenic radiculopathy

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