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Massage Therapy Woodbridge

Massage Therapy Woodbridge Author – Tony Tran Headaches Headaches are an onset of pain, achy or throbbing sensations that can occur around the head. The location of headaches may vary and can be isolated to a pinpoint location or different radiating pain around the head. There are three main types of headaches that individuals can […]

Low Level Laser Therapy – Vaughan Physiotherapy

Low Level Laser Therapy – Woodbridge, Vaughan What is Low Level Laser Therapy? Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is the use of low intensity light emission applied through a laser diode, or an array of Super Luminous Diodes to treat common, chronic, skin or degenerative conditions or injuries. The physiological process is started by administering […]

Knee Pain – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Knee Pain – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment Physiotherapy at Woodbridge, Vaughan has many years of clinical experience in dealing with knee pain. Knee pain is quite a common problem among adults and children. Very often it is associated with activities like walking, bending, standing, stairs or lifting. Knee pain can be age related but it […]

Sciatica – Vaughan Physiotherapy

Sciatica – a pain in the butt & the best ways to deal with it! Sciatica – Vaughan Physiotherapy Guide   Have you ever had a pain in your buttock and just didn’t know what it was? Typically the terms sciatica and piriformis syndrome are commonly thrown around by doctors, friends and good old Google! It’s […]