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Knee Tendonitis – Jumpers Knee

The knee tendon, otherwise known as the patellar tendon, connects your kneecap to your shin bone. The patellar tendon works with your quads so that you can extend your knee for kicking, running, and jumping. Patellar tendinitis is also known as jumper’s knee, is common in sports that involve jumping or other high impact events. […]

Total Knee Replacement: Your Recovery Guide

Total Knee Replacement Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Guide. Total Knee Replacement, Vaughan. A total knee replacement is surgically indicated if there are arthritic changes in the joint that causes pain, swelling and an inability to move the knee in a normal functional capacity. Arthritic changes in the knee are also known as knee degeneration or ‘wear and tear’. Cartilage degeneration is […]

Knee Pain: Physiotherapy Treatment

Knee Pain – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment Physiotherapy at Woodbridge, Vaughan has many years of clinical experience in dealing with knee pain. Knee pain is quite a common problem among adults and children. Very often it is associated with activities like walking, bending, standing, stairs or lifting. Knee pain can be age related but it […]