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Shoulder Pain Treatments in Vaughan

Shoulder Treatment Physiotherapy for Woodbridge, Maple, Concord - Vaughan

When a person has shoulder pain every day simple activities can become painful. If you struggle with reaching or overhead activity, playing sport, doing regular household chores then it is time to get help! For the best shoulder pain treatment – Vaughan contact us here.

Causes of shoulder pain can depend on the persons’ age. For example, in young people instability of the shoulder is more common (dislocation or labral tear).

For people who are in their middle decades of life the rotator cuff tendons and shoulder bursa can be a leading cause of pain. The tendons can become irritated for different reasons such as a fall, postural strain, or degradation due to the aging process. Another common cause of shoulder pain for this age group is what we call a frozen shoulder. This condition can cause significant pain and loss of movement, and usually takes eight months to three years to resolve.

In the later decades of life arthritis is a common condition that causes discomfort and pain. This is the aging process where the shoulder becomes dysfunctional due to ‘wear and tear’.

Common Shoulder Pain Symptoms

  • Pain in the shoulder and/or down the side of the upper arm
  • Decreased range of motion (stiffness in the shoulder)
  • Loss of strength
  • Difficulty performing regular tasks eg dressing, combing hair, reaching for cupboard overhead, playing sport
  • Difficulty sleeping

Physiotherapy At Woodbridge, Vaughan offers the most professional and advanced therapy !


Why choose Physiotherapy At Woodbridge, Vaughan?

You deserve the best treatment for your shoulder! Our comprehensive assessment and treatment plan usually gets people back to normal quickly. There will be a one to one personalized treatment plan explained to you the day of your assessment. Treatment will begin immediately.

  • Advanced treatment modalities Fast Recovery
  • Does not require surgery
  • Does not involve pain medications
  • We do direct billing to your insurance company
  • We have a treatment program that encompasses manual therapy, exercise and electrotherapies
  • Same or next day appointment availability

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