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Bauerfeind – SecuTec OA Knee Brace

SecuTec OA, a specialized orthosis, is tailor-made for individuals facing moderate to severe knee osteoarthritis. It offers much-needed relief after cruciate ligament tears, cartilage surgery, or meniscus surgery, effectively reducing pain and providing crucial support for a successful recovery, empowering you to regain mobility and confidence.


Key Benefits:
  • Prolonged pain relief for an active lifestyle
  • Effective alleviation of medial or lateral osteoarthritis
  • Supports knee joint preservation, potentially delaying the need for surgery
Notable Features:
  • Convenient quick-release fasteners for effortless application and removal
  • Crafted from lightweight yet durable aluminum frame
  • Adaptive calf shell that conforms perfectly to your individual body shape
  • Easily adjustable lower leg frame for targeted pain relief
  • Enhanced comfort with the inclusion of gel pads for effective pressure reduction
  • Addressing medial or lateral knee osteoarthritis
  • Ensuring postoperative stabilization and relief
Care Instructions:
  • Avoid direct heat exposure (heating or solar radiation)
  • Use pH-neutral soap to clean the aluminum parts
  • Wash upholstery and straps by hand at a temperature of 30 °C



SecuTec OA delivers gentle support by adjusting your lower leg’s position to relieve pressure from the inside or outside of the knee joint. This approach prevents further cartilage rubbing and eases ligament stress. Remarkably effective, the orthosis also reduces pain after cruciate ligament tears, cartilage surgery, or meniscus surgery.


Your orthotist can tailor SecuTec OA’s relieving force to your specific needs and condition. With its flexible calf shell conforming to your lower leg’s shape and adjustable straps featuring quick-fit fasteners, application and removal become seamless. Lightweight, slim, and comfortable, it’s perfect for everyday use, wound management, physiotherapy, and more. Plus, you can discreetly wear it under your pants without hindering your range of motion. Remember, maintaining an active lifestyle is vital for overall well-being, even when coping with knee osteoarthritis.


Take charge of your well-being now and discover the countless advantages offered by SecuTec OA – the innovative orthotic solution that brings comfort and assistance, empowering you to enjoy a life full of vitality and without discomfort.