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Bauerfeind – SecuTec Genu Knee Brace

For reliable external support and stabilization after a knee injury or surgery, turn to the SecuTec® Genu knee brace. Lightweight, yet robust, this orthosis is designed to fit your leg’s anatomy perfectly, ensuring easy wear and removal.


Benefits of the SecuTec® Genu:
  • Strong knee stabilization
  • Lightweight and flat design
  • High level of comfort during wear
Ideal for:
  • Instability from torn anterior and/or posterior cruciate ligament (ACL/PCL)
  • Post-ligament surgery or syndesmoplasty support
  • Managing complex instabilities from trauma or degeneration
  • Limiting knee range of motion after collateral ligament injuries, meniscal suturing, or meniscal implantation
Care instructions:
  • Avoid direct heat exposure (heating or solar radiation)
  • Clean aluminum parts with pH-neutral soap
  • Hand wash upholstery and straps at 30°C



Advanced Healing Technology for Optimal Recovery

The SecuTec Genu’s sturdy and lightweight design is made possible by a special light metal alloy. The breathable, non-slip pads provide secure and comfortable positioning. This innovative brace received the Innovation Prize in the Industry category in 2007 from the Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Initiative.

Enhancing Comfort and Stability

The SecuTec Genu allows easy front application, reducing stress on strained ligaments during wear. Orthotists can easily adjust the frame to fit any leg shape, ensuring the perfect fit for ultimate comfort and stability. Move confidently throughout your recovery with the SecuTec® Genu knee brace.