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Bauerfeind – Rihzoloc Thumb Brace/Stabilizer

RhizoLoc offers superior stabilization for the thumb saddle and metacarpophalangeal joint, making it the ideal solution for injuries like “skier’s thumb” (tears or sprains to the collateral ligaments), osteoarthritis of the first carpometacarpal joint, or thumb irritation. With a VELCRO® Brand tab, joint mobility can be easily restricted as needed for effective treatment.

Key Features:

  • Ensures comfortable and stable support, promoting effective therapy.
  • Simple to put on and take off for hassle-free use.
  • Breathable material with integral pores prevents skin sweat and itchiness.


  • Ideal for “skier’s thumb” (lateral ligament lesions of the 1st MCP).
  • Provides relief for irritation in the thumb’s saddle and first metacarpophalangeal joints (acute/chronic, e.g., osteoarthritis).
Care Instructions:

To maintain the functionality of the Velcro fasteners and avoid damage, it’s best to close them before washing the RhizoLoc separately with a mild detergent at low temperatures. During drying, steer clear of direct heat exposure (e.g., heating, sunlight).


Promoting Healing for Skier's Thumb:

If you’re dealing with skier’s thumb or other thumb joint injuries, look no further than the RhizoLoc thumb orthosis. Its individually adaptable aluminum stay stabilizes the thumb saddle and metacarpophalangeal joint, supporting optimal healing for affected collateral ligaments. You can adjust the VELCRO® Brand tab to limit joint movement as required for treatment.

Comfort and Security Combined:

Enjoy the ease of using the RhizoLoc thumb brace with its patient-friendly VELCRO® Brand Fastening System, allowing effortless application and removal. Adjust the thumb tab to personalize the fit according to your thumb size. Its breathable material ensures a secure and anatomically correct position, providing effective therapy and unparalleled comfort. Trust RhizoLoc to deliver the perfect support for the optimal healing of your thumb joint injuries.