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Bauerfeind – EpiPoint Elbow Brace

The Ortho Innovations Epi-Relief brace is a top-tier solution designed for individuals experiencing tendon pain, including epicondylitis lateral (tennis elbow) and similar muscle or tendon attachment site irritation. The brace features an integral elastic pressure cushion that precisely targets and relieves pressure on the affected tendon attachments. A red warning section signals if the strap is adjusted too tightly or the pressure is excessive. This versatile brace can be worn on either arm, offering maximum comfort and stability for effective pain relief.

Key Features:

  • Effortless to put on and take off.
  • Universally sized for convenience.
  • Breathable material enhances comfort.


  • Suitable for tennis elbow (epicondylitis).
  • Provides relief from elbow pain due to overuse.
Care Instructions:

Maintain the brace’s functionality by closing Velcro fasteners before washing. Hand wash the Epi-Relief separately using a mild detergent at 30°C. Avoid direct heat exposure during drying.



  1. Viscoelastic pad for precise compression.
  2. Dynamic pressure adjustment with an elastic adjustable band.
  3. Red color coding signals excessive pressure.
  4. Controlled compression on the forearm, targeting areas with excessive pain.

Correct That Tennis Elbow:

Experience the innovative ArmAid Epi-Support, an elbow brace with a secure Velcro strap fastening around the forearm. The elastic adjustable band customizes compression for tailored support to the affected area. The brace’s three nubbed zones on the pad offer targeted compression, relieving pressure on tendon attachments, promoting healing, and reducing arm pain. With the ArmAid Epi-Support, you can enjoy optimal pressure and support, easing discomfort and enhancing arm mobility effectively.

Effective on Both Arms:

The Pro-Align elbow support showcases an innovative design with a rotating pad, easily adjusting to fit either arm using a secure Velcro fastener. A small indicator window conveniently displays which arm the pad is set for. The flat strap, lined with soft terrycloth material, comfortably fits under clothing, such as a sweater or shirt. With this versatile and comfortable support, experience relief from elbow pain and discomfort on either arm with ease. Embrace pain-free movement with Pro-Align.