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Bauerfeind – Compression Sock Training

Designed for athletes engaged in stop-and-go sports like football, basketball, or tennis, the Compression Sock Training stands as the unrivaled choice among sports stockings. Engineered with a meticulous focus on specialized functional zones and gentle compression, this innovative stocking goes above and beyond to deliver optimal protection during rapid turning and jumping movements, granting you the confidence and support to sustain your peak performance. Whether you’re making swift turns on the field, leaping for a slam dunk, or swiftly covering the tennis court, the Compression Sock Training is your go-to companion for unparalleled stability and comfort, ensuring you stay at the top of your game and ahead of the competition.


  • Experience improved circulation and reduced muscle fatigue with functional zones and gentle compression.
  • Enjoy maximum comfort with the skin-friendly and breathable Lycra® sports material.
  • Benefit from ankle stability with the patented taping zone.
  • Precision fit designed for both left and right legs.
  • Enhance calf muscles during movement with the muscle-toning zone for optimal performance.
  • Reduce pressure and rubbing on the Achilles tendon with the protective zone.
  • Enjoy greater comfort and protection with the shock-absorbing cushioning.


The Bauerfeind Compression Sock Performance is a game-changer for endurance athletes participating in cycling or marathons. This stocking boasts noticeable compression on the leg, meeting medical standards, which effectively improves circulation and ensures an optimal blood supply to the muscles. Less fatigue and quicker regeneration allow you to perform at your best for extended periods, giving you ample energy reserves.

Care Instructions:

75% polyamide and 25% elastane.



Discover the transformative power of the Bauerfeind Compression Sock Performance during running and other endurance sports. With improved blood circulation, reduced fatigue, and quicker regeneration, athletes of all levels can rely on this compression sock to elevate their performance. Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned pro, this is an essential addition to your training kit.