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Headaches are an onset of pain, achy or throbbing sensations that can occur around the
head. The location of headaches may vary and can be isolated to a pinpoint location or
different radiating pain around the head.
There are three main types of headaches that individuals can experience.

1) Vascular headaches

Migraines: symptoms of migraines can be described as pulsing on one
side of the head that may last for several days. The intense pain may feel
deeper than other headaches. Migraines are often aggravated by physical
activity and can also be triggered by stress or lack of sleep which may
hinder the ability for people to perform daily activities.
– Cluster headaches: these are headaches that typically affect men more
than women. They are described as clusters of headaches that may stop
and start at varying different durations. These clusters may feel like an
intense burning sensation or sharp pain.

2) Musculoskeletal headaches

Cervicogenic: these types of headaches come from dysfunctions within
the cervical spine.
Tension headaches: these are the most common type of headaches that
are caused by increased tension in the muscles and compression of
complementary structures such as the nerves, veins and arteries within
the area. Patients will usually complain about neck/shoulder stiffness and
pain that will vary in severity. Tension headaches can also be caused by
different trigger points within the muscles. Trigger points are taut bands of
muscle tissue that are very sensitive and can cause referred pain to other
parts of the body.

3) Inflammatory headaches

Sinus headaches are types of headaches that are often associated with
pain in the sinus region as well as the cheeks. They are mainly caused
by inflammation of the mucus and sinus congestion.

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How can massage therapy Woodbridge help you deal with headaches?

Musculoskeletal headaches are the main types of headaches that Registered massage
therapists (RMTs) in Woodbridge can help treat. Cervicogenic and tension headaches are usually
coupled together and patients will most likely have a combination of both types. A
typical session with an RMT help alleviate your headaches in the following ways:
1) Decreasing muscle tone: Tension headaches are caused by tight musculature
around the head, neck and shoulders. With a variety of Swedish massage
techniques, RMTs are able to help reduce the tightness/stiffness in your muscles
and increase your overall relaxation.
2) Increase blood circulation: Pain from headaches will cause a decrease in
blood circulation to affected areas. RMTs can effectively increase blood
circulation with soft tissue work and lengthening affected muscles.
3) Trigger point therapy: With specific palpation, RMTs can easily locate trigger
points and help relieve the pain with a variety of techniques.
4) Decrease stress: Massage therapy has therapeutic effects that can help
decrease stress and anxiety for patients. Massage treatments elicit
parasympathetic effects that help the body naturally calm down, decrease the
heart rate and overall decrease the stress that you may feel.
5) Improve sleep quality: The decrease in stress will help with relaxation and the
sleep quality.

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