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The McKenzie Method for Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common causes of lost time at work and lost time doing what you love. Pain management and the causes of back pain are complex and require complex assessment and treatment. 

If you have been struggling with lower back pain, it is time you learn about the McKenzie Method® and how the methods can provide you with back pain relief. 

What causes back pain

Back pain can sometimes be associated with a particular event that caused trauma. Oftentimes things are more complex and lower back pain arises after chronically poor biomechanics or overloading of tissues.

For instance, if your back feels perfectly normal and then one day you lift an object and notice a sudden debilitating pain. This type of pain is due to overuse and poor movement that wore down tissues over time – this lift was just the final event that threw things over the edge. 

Lower back pain can also be a symptom or response related to another region of the body that is moving properly or can be referred pain, again, from another area of the body. This can also be an inverse relationship.

Beyond lifting and carrying, other common causes of back pain include habitually poor posture, muscle imbalances, excess weight, lack of exercise, certain pathologies, and poor breathing patterns.

Introducing the McKenzie Method®

If you have back pain, the McKenzie Method® can be your redeeming feature. The method is an assessment and management system that was specifically developed for people with generalized back pain or specifically lower back pain.

What differentiates this method is the focus on the assessment protocol. With this method, your practitioner looks extensively at all aspects of your musculoskeletal system before prescribing any treatments. This ensures that the correct area of the body is receiving therapy and that the treatment protocol is appropriate for your needs. 

Clinicians also consider the patient’s lifestyle, current health status, and previous injuries to determine the most logical next steps for treatment. The McKenzie Method® could help you bypass treatments that won’t work for you, allowing you to get a timely solution 

How it works

The McKenzie Method® works by “centralizing” a patient’s pain. In other words, even if you’re feeling pain in your arms and legs, our goal with this method is to direct it to the back so we can treat the root cause of the pain rather than just the symptoms. 

The McKenzie Method® is also unique because it is empowering and helps patients to manage their symptoms and condition at home. While it is beneficial to begin working with a trained practitioner or physiotherapist, you should be able to do your exercises for lower back pain to maximize and maintain results. 

Types of pain treated

The McKenzie Method® can treat lower back pain and upper back pain. Pain in the neck and/or extremities can also be addressed using the McKenzie Method® due to the centralizing phenomenon.

Whether you’re looking for specific exercises for lower back pain, your pain radiates elsewhere and is difficult to pinpoint, the McKenzie Method® can improve your condition. 

Get relief today! 

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